Camp Doogs
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A doogs supreme...

The 5th Wave, A Doogs Surpreme, Harvey Cheese Aurora, O Superdoog, an emerald web, the uncanny valley, 3rd rockdog from the sun, fiddy shades of greys ((iWant2believe)), augmental as anything…
Come tickle the face/time continuum at CMPDGS 2O17! Wiggle n waggle to the interstella sonic bushland within. May your milo be your sundial. Maketh
manifest the lifehack of the solar system that is Y*O*U* 
“When you get here, you will already be there”
DOOGS IV was a sludge-pit dirt dessert. What comes after dessert? All the cosmic fruits. Crack that can, scan it to “the system” & oscillate to the gravitational grain waves.



Places & Spaces




This year we’ll be bringing back all the favourites including an interstellar garden of music, art and botanic tours over three days. As memories of past dreams ring to the sounds of Mink Mussel Creek, Antwon and Cate Le Bon, new dreams are formed in the cauldrons of a new Doog, a mystery waiting to be revealed. 



Adding a 5th atmospheric layer of experience on this orbit around the sun, this year you’ll once again discover interactive art installations, late night cinemas, and delicious food trucks. We also welcome a brand new selection of activities, talks and performance art.

Semi-Private Walk



Watch the sun set over a sonic bushland of interstella treats and let the sun rise touch your skin, warming the orbs of the deepest of doogers. This year we once again descend into the planetary depths of Deep Doogs with an A PLUS selection of music selectors, all following in the steps of notable alumni Mori Ra, Noise in my Head and Andras.





There will be an array of curated food trucks providing something for everyone. Vegan and GF options available, as well as coffee and juice stalls. Bring some of your own snacks if you like!


Bring a tent, share a tent with a friend, bring a sleeping bag, share a sleeping bag? It gets chilly in the valley at night but can be warm in the day so bring clothes for all 4 seasons. Bring a camping chair, bring a mug for hot milo. DON’T FORGET A TORCH (it gets dark in the bush at night). Bring some snacks, some dosh for the food trucks and merch stall. BYO BOOZE. Bring a container for your ciggie butts if you are a smoker.  



We know you're like us and care about the land we love so much. Every car will be given a rubbish bag as they enter the site, so you can take your trash away with you! If there’s no room in the trunk, don’t worry, we've got you covered with plenty of bins. So chuck your trash when you pack up and keep Harvey beautiful.


Camp Doogs is a BYO festival. We do however, have a NO GLASS policy!


All tickets can be purchased through Ticketbooth. They can be either printed or scanned from your phone, but make sure you have a fully charged phone when you arrive in Harvey!

Buses & Cars

There are very limited bus tickets. Don’t hesitate to get one if you’re going down the green way.

Carpark provided on site. NO cars are allowed outside of the designated carpark area. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SLEEP IN YOUR CAR you can BUT YOUR CAR MUST STAY IN THE CARPARK. We highly encourage CARPOOLING, there are no pass outs, there is strictly no driving after dark for the safety of others and the safety of yourself and your car (you don’t want to drive your Magna into a natural spring).