Deep Water Greenhouse

Perth's Jack Burton and Rory Glacken are the powerhouses behind Deep Water Records. In 2016 they debuted a satellite stage at Camp Doogs, The Deep Water Greenhouse, this year it returns once again. 

What is the Deep Water Greenhouse?

The Greenhouse is a D.I.Y. ‘Polytunnel’ designed for the purpose of deep listening, comfortable contemplation & the hosting of non-stop fluid music. A sanctuary for your ‘dome away from home’.

How does it tie in with your record label?

The curation of performers & selectors playing in the greenhouse over the weekend reflects what we feel is a microcosm of an idiosyncratic, endearing & exciting music community connected from local to interstate to international. With our record label, we aim to capture the same reflection. 

What kind of experience do you hope people will have in the greenhouse?

We hope that those who visit find a reason to return throughout the weekend & that they find some sense of physical / mental renewal through their stay. Also that they experience music they hadn’t previously.

What's an essential camping tip this year?

Drink plenty of water, listen to your body & find a comfortable space that exists outside of your tent