The Centre For Stories

This year we're launching a very special micro-program as part of our Mild Doogs tent. The Perth Podcast Festival is a 4-hour showcase of WA's best podcasts produced live. It includes the likes of Talk The Talk, Barefaced Stories and Perth's own Centre For Stories. We caught up with Claudia from the Centre For Stories...

How would you describe the Centre for Stories?

Centre for Stories is an arts organisation based in Northbridge. We collect, share and preserve stories from people of all backgrounds in the hope of inspiring social change. We believe stories are a powerful way of increasing understanding and compassion in this crazy world that we live in! You can hear some of the stories we’ve collected in live events or on our website in video, audio or written format. 

Tell us about your panel at Doogs this year…

This year at Doogs we’ll be hosting a workshop-meets-discussion #safespace for Doogs punters to discuss gendered experiences at music festivals and in the arts in general. We’re inviting anybody who identifies as a woman to come along and share a story about an experience (positive or negative!) in an arts setting where they felt that being a woman dictated the way the situation played out. I’ll be hosting the workshop alongside three absolute bloody legends- Rok Riley, Mei Saraswati and Jennifer Aslett. This session is about increasing the dialogue surrounding the female experience in the arts and encouraging women to share their experiences in a powerful way, and what better place to do it than Doogs! Absolutely everybody (in the whole wide world) is welcome, though we encourage participation primarily from those who identify as women. All others are asked to take part in solidarity but as passive listeners/observers/supporters. We’re on at 10:30am Saturday morning, so bring your brekky and come along! 

What is an essential camping tip for this year?

My essential camping tip for Doogs this year is to come to my panel discussion… Okay, but seriously, pick up your cans and your butts. You’re a butt if you don’t!